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From Raphaël Piéroni <>
Subject [Cocoon-2.2-RC2 + flowscript-1.0-RC2] weird behaviour (Windows OK / Linux Exception)
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2007 14:43:31 GMT
Hi Guys,

I got a really weird behaviour in my flowscripts.
When running on windows, everything is fine.
But when i run on linux, i got an ecmascript exception.

Both on windows or linux i use a Jrockit.5.0 JVM, and
a JONAS.4.8.4 application server.

I use the same ear built on windows in both cases.

When on linux, i call an URL which should be directed to Ecmascripts , 
but it fails.

I got all my EcmaScripts file (xyz.js) in the /COB-INF/flow directory
In my block sitemap i have only <map:flow language="javascript" />
In windows, all my files are correctly processed, but on linux they wont.

A particularity is that i have a main file called admin.js which defines 
a Map of string:Object
and that map is then used in each of the other files.

Is it possible that the ecmascript files are processed in the correct 
guessed (alphabetic order) in windows and not in linux?
How can i ensure the files are processed in the correct order?

I also tried to define my ecmascripts by
<map:flow language="javascript" >
    <map:script src="admin.js"/>
    <map:script src="def.js"/>
    <map:script src="ghi.js"/>
    <map:script src="....js"/>
</map:flow >



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