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From Mansour <>
Subject Re: Starting with Cocoon
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2007 11:19:54 GMT
After finishing the the tutorial how can I build the war file 
to view its contents?

Thank you.

Ralph Goers wrote:
> Mansour wrote:
>>> The cocoon build will also create cocoon.xconf and put the 
>>> definitions you need for the desired blocks in it. You should only 
>>> modify it if you are adding your own components. Again, you'll only 
>>> do this if you know what you are doing and have a reason.
>> That's what I am trying to do. I am trying to know what I am doing.
> Maybe, but it also sounds like you are trying to run before you can 
> walk.  Cocoon 2.1 is built on the Avalon framework. You would need to 
> have a basic understanding of that before you could realistically 
> create any Cocoon components. In addition, of course, you would need 
> to understand all the various pipleline components such as generators, 
> actions and input modules and whether they should be defined in the 
> sitemap or Cocoon.xconf.
> Cocoon 2.2, on the other hand, is now based on Spring. However, 
> components still look like they are based on Avalon for 
> compatibility.  In 2.2 though the decision was made that all component 
> declarations should be removed from the sitemap and moved to a more 
> appropriate location. It is my understanding that there is now a 
> mixture of Spring configuration along with Avalon-style 
> configuration.  To be honest I haven't looked at all the changes in 
> depth myself so I'm not 100% sure about what is where.
>>> So, in short, with 2.1 the best way to build your own Cocoon 
>>> application is to follow the directions and edit  
>>> and to suit your 
>>> needs. Then go on from there.
>>> As others have stated, the process with 2.2 is very different than 
>>> this and is hopefully easier. If you have problems trying to build 
>>> 2.2 feel free to keep asking for help.
>> I did not have any difficulties with the build. It's maven !! how can 
>> it fail. I was having difficulties understanding how the config files 
>> fit together and the role and contents for each of them. :)
> I understand, and as I said that has changed somewhat in 2.2.  But you 
> should be able to find your answers by doing a build with all the 
> blocks and then looking at the result. At least, that is what I would do.
> Ralph
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