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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Starting with Cocoon
Date Sun, 18 Nov 2007 18:52:23 GMT
On 18.11.2007 11:35 Uhr, Mansour wrote:

> I really need to understand how it works, what servlet starts when the
> request is received, and yes the minimum configuration.

> All I need is to understand the minimum requirements. I think I know 
> what I need better than anyone else!

Nobody questions that you understand your requirements the best. I also 
see where you are coming from with setting up a minimal Cocoon. But 
there was a reason why I suggested you to not start from scratch but 
with a minimal build that our build system provides. And there are 
reasons why people think Cocoon has a very steep learning curve. Cocoon 
uses a lot of technologies which you probably don't want to know all 

> However, I did a minimal built and tried to write a small program, but 
> was not able to get it to work. I think now my problem is in the sitemap 
> "the thing that everybody wants me to worry about".

The main configuration files cocoon.xconf and the root sitemap should 
also be quite well-documented with all their component setups. You now 
seem to use the provided cocoon.xconf but wiped out the root sitemap 
which has all the components for the sitemaps in it like pipelines, 
generators, transformer, serializers, etc. Readd the map:components 
section to your sitemap and you should make at least some progress. Once 
you have that working you can remove single components like unused 
generators or serializers, but not the whole section. You need at least 
one of each type, for your example the caching pipeline, the file 
generator, the XSLT transformer and the HTML serializer.

If you are only starting with Cocoon right now you should really 
consider using Cocoon 2.2, especially in regard to minimal build. Many 
"optional" components which are in core in 2.1 have been made really 
optional in 2.2. Integration should be much easier in general. Learning 
now 2.1 and later 2.2 seems to be too much effort since so much has 
changed between both.


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