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From Raphaël Piéroni <>
Subject [Cocoon 2.2 + Cforms] Validation a field using the Database
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2007 12:00:34 GMT
Hi guys,

I have a cform which works well.
The flowscript (ECMA) that handles the cform delegates
to a spring bean to create an object in database.
But when that objet already exist it throws an exception.

I had managed to catch the exception in the flow script.
But i would like to know if (and how) to perform a validation
of the nonexistence of the object i try to create before calling
my spring beans. for this purpose i can add a check method on
the spring beans.
But how do i give the beans from the flow script
to the cform for it to use in validation? How to i define the
validation to perform in the cform?

If there is some doco on the subjet, pleas'e redirect me to the doco.

Best regards,


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