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From "Jean-Claude Vogel" <>
Subject Custom DOM transformer
Date Fri, 16 Nov 2007 10:53:25 GMT
Hello guys,

I would like to write my own dom transformer. So I simply wrote the
following in order to get firstly an identity transformer :

public class TestTransformer extends AbstractDOMTransformer {
        private Request request;

        public void setup(SourceResolver resolver, Map objectModel,
                          String src, Parameters par)
                          throws ProcessingException, SAXException,
IOException {
            super.setup(resolver, objectModel, src, par);

        public Document transform(Document document) {
            //  When I log here I see that "document" contains what I want
it to contain
            return document;

To test I send an HTTP post request with an XML in its body, but I my HTTP
request response body is desesperatly NULL.

I tried to log what happens in the transform method and I can see in my XML
body sent by HTTP. The post response is ever empty.

What's wrong in my code please ?

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