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From Sébastien Geindre <>
Subject Re: logging with C2.2
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2007 08:32:12 GMT
Grzegorz Kossakowski a écrit :
> Sébastien Geindre pisze:
>> hi everybody !!
>> a dummy question about log4j in cocoon 2.2
>> I need to add logger to my class, and to class of library i use in a
>> transformer.
>> The only log4j.xml file is in target/rcl/webapp/WEB-INF/cocoon
>> I could modify it, but when i jetty-start, the log4j.xml file is
>> regenerated
>> How is it possible to add logger to this generated log4j.xml file ?
>> i try customLog4jXconf properties in, but it is
>> also regenerated...
> What do you mean by customLog4JXconf properties? I'm the one struggling with Cocoon's
new logging
> (I've little bit behind the development in this area for some time) so if I come with
something new
> I'll share my experience.
> I'm sorry for not being much helpful.
my only question is : how do you log in cocoon2.2 ??

  i use the reloading classloader plugin, customLog4JXconf [1] is an 
optional parameter of cocoon:rcl, but i realize it has nothing to do 
with cocoon itself, just with the maven plugin project. i was lost. i am 
still lost.

my question is still open : ho do you log in cocoon2.2 ???



Sébastien Geindre
sebastien.geindre __at__

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