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From Kamal Bhatt <>
Subject Re: Writing your own Ajax components in CForms
Date Sun, 28 Oct 2007 21:15:20 GMT
Grzegorz Kossakowski wrote:
> Kamal Bhatt pisze:
>> Hi,
>> I would like to write some Ajax based components in CForms. However, I
>> don't really follow the code (and Dojo). Does anyone have any resources
>> on writing Ajax based components in CForms?
> Could you elaborate on your plans and needs? Do you plan to write full custom widget?
> AFAIK you don't need to care that much about AJAX when developing new Forms widget. Most
of the
> tedious work of handling AJAX is done by CForms.
> If you give more details I'll try to write some list of things you need to do.
There are two main concerns:

1. I would like to better handle validation errors in tabs (see here: My colleagues have 
concerns about the approach I have taken, and so do I.
2. I am not happy with some of the functionality provided by the 
repeater table, in particular in line editing. For example, I would like 
to support whole row editing.

Also, I would generally like to have a better understanding of what is 
going on. This would be beneficial for building forms, particularly as I 
have some rather specific requirements for widgets. For example, I see a 
lot of code for Google maps (which could be useful), but no 
understanding on how to use it and I cannot easily find out from code. 
In the past, myself and my company as a whole have done a lot of 
internal widget development (including integration our own Calendar code 
and integrating a colour picker) and I would prefer not having any 
suprises when we upgrade to the new version of CForms (still using 2.1.7 


Kamal Bhatt

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