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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Please point me to the documentation for producing PS, RTF etc..
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2007 05:47:07 GMT
On 10/20/07 6:50 PM, siegfried wrote:

> There used to be a sample program that showed how to use cocoon to produce
> your choice of HTML, PS, RTF or PDF with a single XML file.

Our samples used to show many different output formats with the standard 
"Hello world". I hope they are available in Cocoon 2.2 as well.

> I have progressed thru the tutorial at
> and I am now producing html and
> PDF. Can someone point me to the documentation which tells how to write more
> map clauses to demo RTF and PS and other formats?

Looking at the samples mentioned above is probably the easiest thing. It 
depends on the input format for the serializer what you have to change 
in the pipeline (what you call "map clauses"). In particular, it should 
be very easy to produce RTF and PS by just switching the serializer 
since both should use FOP as for PDF. For other output formats like 
Excel (XLS) where the serializer needs different input (Gnumeric XML in 
this case instead of XSL FO) you also need a different transformer.

Hope this helps,


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