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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: error while calling component MailSender
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2007 03:46:16 GMT
On 10.10.2007 6:03 Uhr, marco bellacosa wrote:

> I have also put the Sun mail.jar and activation.jar in my WEB-INF/lib, but I
> get the error:
> ------------------------------------------------------------
>  org.apache.avalon.framework.component.ComponentException: Could not find
> component (key [[JavaPackage org.apache.cocoon.mail.MailSender.ROLE]])

Hmm, this looks suspicious. The ComponentManager should never get this 
string but only the actual constant ROLE, which is 
MailSender.class.getName(), so "org.apache.cocoon.mail.MailSender". Also 
the Cocoon sample at http://localhost:8888/samples/blocks/mail/sendmail/ 
works for me out of the box (without placing the "real" jars into the 
lib dir only the actual sending failed).

But I could reproduce your behavior by modifying the flowscript used for 
this example (note the wrong class name):

Could not find component (key [[JavaPackage 

So obviously you seem to lack the MailSender class. Did you build your 
Cocoon with the mail block included?


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