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From Tobia Conforto <>
Subject Re: Compiled XSLT
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2007 16:52:57 GMT
Ard Schrijvers wrote:
> > I'm wondering if there is a way to pre-compile XSLT into Java
> > classes, using the command-line xsltc compiler, put those classes
> > somewhere in Cocoon's classpath and use them as transformers.
> your xsl stylesheets are compiled only once in cocoon and then held in
> memory cache. Unless you set the maxobjects of your default transient
> store (from top of my head, so might be a little different) extremely
> low, stylesheets won't have to be recompiled

Alas, my problem is not recompilation, but secrecy.  I'm working on a
proprietary application whose source code my client doesn't wish to
release.  I'd like to write parts of it in XSLT, pre-compile them into
classes and somehow use the classes ("translets" in Xalan-speak) as

Should I write a custom transformer from scratch that uses the Xalan
XSLTC runtime to operate the translets, or is there a better way?

Do you foresee problems in integrating the pre-compiled translets with
Cocoon's source resolver?


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