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From Tobia <>
Subject Re: .DOC and .PPT modifying
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2007 11:26:30 GMT
Luiz Antonio Falaguasta Barbosa wrote:
> Joerg Heinicke wrote:
> > If you tell it to save the files in the XML format instead of the
> > binary format you can use option 2 mentioned below.
> >
> > > * since office 2003 : pure xml format, cocoon can handle them
> > >   since its xml, but I don't know framework base on it
> Yeah, and use option 2 mentioned below means to use a "I don't know
> framework base on it".  The problem is which framework I have to use.

Cocoon is the framework.

If you save the Office files in XML format, the files are pure XML.
In Cocoon you have a lot of tools to parse, transform, combine and
serialize pure XML data: I would say that's what Cocoon is all about.

I suggest you learn to program in the language XSLT, which you will use
to modify the XML data, read the introductory documentation on Cocoon's
website and study the samples provided with Cocoon, to learn how to put
a simple web-application together.


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