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From Tobia Conforto <>
Subject Re: Cocoon 2.1 environment objects from a Java XSLT extension
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2007 13:28:58 GMT wrote:
> XSLT Extensions assist formatting.  Data collection belongs in the XML
> generation phase.  Using XSLT Extensions to generate data is a very
> bad practice.  What are the requirements?

Let me explain better.

I need to translate URIs in a XML document, in the middle of a pipeline,
fetching relevant information from a SQL database.  "In the middle of a
pipeline" means that there are various other steps before it, so I
cannot fetch this SQL data in the initial generator.

At first I tried to have a sub-pipeline do the job, using the document()
XPath function with a cocoon: schema, but it was too slow.

My next (and current) idea is transforming the XML with XSLT, while
coding the actual URI transformations (including the SQL queries) as a
Java extension function, to be called from XSLT where appropriate.

I'm hitting a wall, because I need a DataSourceComponent to be able to
make SQL queries, but a Java XSLT extension class doesn't have any
access to Cocoon's object model (that I can see.)

I cannot pass the DataSourceComponent, or any other interesting object,
from the sitemap to my extension function, passing through the XSLT as a
parameter, because XSLT parameters get passed from the sitemap as strings.

Suggestions are welcome.

My last resort is doing everything as a custom transformer, but I'd like
to avoid it, as I'm not too keen on coding in Sax what can easily be
dealt with in XSLT (changing a bunch of attribute values.)  Although it
wouldn't be too hard with Sax either...


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