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From Nico Verwer <>
Subject Re: cinclude a request to a sparql endpoint, character escaping
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2007 09:16:40 GMT
Al Brown wrote:
> I'm trying to use cinclude to include the response from a jena-joseki 
> rdf server sparql endpoint.
> This requires that I send a query string with stuff like:
> PREFIX dc:  <>
> in it.
> I'm using the cinclude:includexml form and I can not figure out how to 
> get the < character into the url.
> I have tried <cinclude:value><![CDATA[ .. ]]></cinclude:value>
> and I have tried &lt;
> in both cases the extra encoding stuff get in and not the %3c which is 
> what I need.
> What am I doing wrong? 
The cinclude transformer makes your parameter into serialized XML 
(URI-encoded) when it sends this parameter.
The serialization process will see a CDATA event in the SAX stream 
(which is recorded inside cinclude), and decides that the best way to 
serialize this is to output "<![CDATA[" etcetera.

So you don't want the parameter to be sent as serialized XML. But that 
is what cinclude:includexml does. It is great for sending XML documents, 
but not so great for sending SPARQL queries.

I am looking at the same problem at the moment, and triied several 
things (like the IncludeTransformer). My next attempt will be to build a 
SPARQLTransformer. When it is ready, I'll let you know.

Best regards,
Nico Verwer

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