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From Alberto Brosich <>
Subject Reset button doesn't work properly
Date Mon, 17 Sep 2007 13:43:40 GMT

I have a form with some widgets containing javascript code that set the
selection list of other widgets.
The reset button resets only widgets without javascript code.

Follow the definition of the reset button from the form model:

    <fd:submit id="reset" validate="false">

and  the javascript code
               var value = event.source.value;
              var inswidget = event.source.lookupWidget("../institutes");

              if (value !="") {
                // Get the corresponding institutes list
+ value + "'");
              inswidget.value = null;


and how it's handle with the flowscript
        if (form.submitId == "reset") {
          // the user pressed reset
        } else

Maybe something about javascript code? I cannot find any useful hint
within cocoon samples.

Thanks in advance

Alberto Brosich

Cocoon 2.1.10
Debian/Linux lenny
Java 1.5

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