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From Raphaël Piéroni <>
Subject Re: [cocoon 2.2] Spring configuration of transformers
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2007 09:11:35 GMT
Grzegorz Kossakowski a écrit :
> Raphaël Piéroni pisze:
>>>> And this transformer have to access the database (DAO w/ transaction)
>>>> that is defined with spring.
>>>> But i can't manage to link the 2 information.
>>> Is this transformer a Spring bean? Do you want to inject Spring bean
>>> (a DAO) into some property of
>>> transformer?
>> Yup i try to inject the service wrapper arround the DAOs (with
>> transaction - spring aop) in a field transformer/generator
> Then configure your transformer as casual Spring bean and put configuration into
> META-INF/cocoon/spring. If you wonder how to name your bean just use following pattern:
> <fullyQualifiedNameOfInterfaceImplemented>/<nameOfComponentUsedInSitemap>
> Where first part can have three values (respectively, for Generator, Transformer and
> This way of configuring sitemap components is preferred in Cocoon 2.2.
Do you mean something like this:
in my jar defining my block sitemap, i do
in which i do <bean name="o.a.c...Generator/myGeneratorName">

and in my sitemap i do
            <map:match pattern="myPipeline">
                <map:generate type="myGeneratorName"/>
                <map:serialize type="xml"/>
and also in the sitemap, i don't define
        <map:generators >
            <map:generator name="myGeneratorName" 


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