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From Sébastien Geindre <>
Subject Re: CForms and C2.2
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2007 14:02:51 GMT
Thank you Grzegorz, so up to you, if i need complex design with C2.2, i 
should use dojo instead of old C2.1 home made solution.
It sounds good.

Do we have any samples of the use of dojo component with C2.2 ??

Grzegorz Kossakowski a écrit :
> Sébastien Geindre pisze:
>> hi all, hi Greg...
> Hi, if you addressed your greetings to me it would be better to call me Grzegorz or Grek.
>> I try to use CocoonForms in C2.2 environments.But i still have some
>> problems.
>> There is no information about migration of css or js ressrouces.
>> How can i handle that ?
> You don't need to alter most of your CSS and JS files because there are no incompatible
> there. All that has changed is that CForms in C2.2 are just a true Cocoon block so loading
> referencing to its resources changed.
>> forms_showTab is not defined
>> function onclick(event) {
>>    forms_showTab("N10017", 1, 2, "");
>> }
> Function forms_showTab is defined in forms-lib.js[1] file that most probably is not loaded
> browser for some reason. I hope that you will be able to easily find out what's wrong,
> BTW. As you may read in forms-lib.js file:
> /**
>  * Runtime JavaScript library for Cocoon forms.
>  * NOTE: This file will be trimmed down to contain only the necessary
>  *       features for dynamic behaviour on non Ajax-capable browsers.
>  *       Advanced widgets such as double selection list and multivalue
>  *       field will be refactored as Dojo widgets.
>  * NOTE: (2.1.11) moving support for non-ajax forms to cocoon.forms.common and the SimpleForm
> it's clear that our direction is to move from home-grown solutions that forms-lib.js
files contains
> to Dojo,  completely. Dojo 0.4.x already has support for tab layout[2] so it would be
a good idea to
> use that functionality.
> If you have spare time and would like to help us making Forms better consider migrating
Forms tabs
> to Dojo and provide us a patch in JIRA.
> [1]
> [2]

Sébastien Geindre
sebastien.geindre __at__

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