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From Carsten Ziegeler <>
Subject Re: fullscreen portlet bug...
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2007 17:23:26 GMT

current svn for 2.1.x contains a fix for the case if
"cocoon-portal-action" is missing. I think the portal block contains
some more bug fixes in current svn.

So you might want to try that version - perhaps it solves your problems
or at least reduces them :)


newsted wrote:
> I think I have found something...
> The problem is in the NewEventLinkTransformer::startTransformingElement()
> method,
> in the formSpecialTreatment case. First the following code ...
>  int begin = eventLink.indexOf("cocoon-portal-action=")
>                         + "cocoon-portal-action=".length();
>                 int end = eventLink.indexOf('&', begin);
>                 if (end == -1) {
>                     end = eventLink.length();
>                 }
> ... always assumes that the 'cocoon-portal-action' parameter is present
> which is not the case! second, it forgets the 'cocoon-portal-fs' parameter
> and this is why I'm loosing fullscreen aspect in an application copplet.
> I've supposed that cocoon-portal-action is deprecated and replaced by
> cocoon-portal-fs (is it really?). I have replaced it in the above code and
> now the fullscreen aspect works... I need to add code to behave correctly
> when cocoon-portal-fs parameter is not there.
> But I still have the problem with fullscreen portlet when I swicth page in
> the tab menu.
> newsted wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am using the last version of cocoon portal engine and I'm facing
>> problems
>> with the fullscreen feature.
>> It seems like the fullscreen feature is quite unstable.
>> For example, I have a full screen sized portlet on one page, when I
>> navigate
>> to another page through the tab menu, the second page remains empty.
>> I have to go back to the previous page, mimimize the portlet (that was
>> full
>> screen) to see the portlets on the second page.
>> Another example: I have an application copplet fullscreen sized again,
>> when
>> I interact with the application it losts the fullscreen aspect.
>> I would like to have the fullscreen aspect working perfectly. What do I
>> have
>> to do?
>> What is the difference betwwen fullscreen-uri, maximize-uri and
>> maxpage-uri?
>> thanks a lot

Carsten Ziegeler

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