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From Dev at weitling <>
Subject Re: Using Variables/attributes in CForm/Ajax/Jexl
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2007 09:26:30 GMT
Hi Baptiste,

> It may be simpler with heavy client side JavaScript as in solution c).
> You may even reorder the table with it .
> It may be a little heavy on the size on the page though.
> What is the problem with solution d) for screenreaders ?

I bet it's better to have <table> for tables/tabular data where <div> is
more for visual arrangement. The latter is not as important for
screenreaders/visually impaired as the structure indicated by
well-arranged table/thead/tbody/tr/th/td.
At the moment I use a mix of c) and d) according to
[]. Not the holy
grail I sought after, but working for now. At a later point in time
we'll perhaps have a real professional for redesigning the page.


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