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From Baptiste Placé <>
Subject Re: Using Variables/attributes in CForm/Ajax/Jexl
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2007 08:28:53 GMT

It may be simpler with heavy client side JavaScript as in solution c). 
You may even reorder the table with it .
It may be a little heavy on the size on the page though.
What is the problem with solution d) for screenreaders ?

> Well, make yourself comfortable...
> I want to create an editor component where a question along with a bunch
> of possible answers can be created and/or edited. Each question is
> localized in one or more languages, e.g. german, english, french.
> According to the role of the user or his task he may have complete
> rights (edit questions and answers, add or delete answers), may only
> translate from one language to another or may only view some languages.
> The user may hide some languages for convenience.
> So my solution approaches (not exhaustive):
> a) a html table hiding a column (= a language) via Ajax and
> WidgetState.INVISIBLE for each affected cell. This seems to be the best
> solution for accessibility but suffers from a bug [1] returning span's
> instead of td's.
> b) a html table where the hiding is done via deleting and adding rows.
> There's a problem reloading the data when the user wants to see a hidden
> language again and with preventing deletion of database entries.
> c) a html table where the hiding is done via client-side javascript and
> manipulating css styles (one class per column). I have repressed the
> problems with this.
> d) a table made of div's instead of a classical table. Is a work-around
> for a) but is bad for screenreaders. And I didn't test if span's are
> returned or div's.
> In the mind's eye I have something like tabs for each language, variable
> in width depending on the number of languages displayed. The optimum
> would be a scrollable area for the answer cells - displaying 10
> languages would result in rather narrow columns otherwise. And with 40
> possible answers the questions should be visible, too, as seen in
> Excel's "fix window" feature.
> Additionally when a language is hidden you may redisplay it by choosing
> it from a drop-down-menu.
> Reordering columns aka languages is also one of my dreams.

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