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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: access remote jpg
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2007 22:50:20 GMT
On 02.08.2007 17:20 Uhr, Lincoln Mitchell wrote:

> I have tried placing the too images straight into the xsl like...
> <img src="">
> <img
> src="
> lsmC0034765">
> ...which again, only the 1st image appears, but if I save the HTML cocoon
> generates and open that html file independent of cocoon the 2nd image also
> appears!
> Again I assume its because I have "?dlsmC0034765" in the images file name
> after the ".jpg".

This sounds rather strange since in both cases Cocoon does not handle 
the images at all (if those URLs do not point to your Cocoon server). It 
should be a pure client side issue: The browser parses the HTML, finds 
the image tags and requests the images. I have no justified suspicion - 
it can be all and everything like security restrictions (not very 
likely) or a doc type issue (more likely since the content type header 
make really a difference between getting a file from a server and 
opening a local file). The best idea is probably to see if the second 
image is requested at all by the browser when loading the page from Cocoon.


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