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From Josh2007 <>
Subject Dojo and Cocoon Ajax libraries don't load when in use with Chiba XForms filter
Date Mon, 27 Aug 2007 16:31:25 GMT

Hi all,

I've set up my Cocoon servlet with Chiba-web XForms as a filter and I'm
using Ajax block to perform asynchronous requests.

Everything works fine as long as I don't mix in the same document Ajax
features from Cocoon and XForms (from Chiba).
If I do so, Dojo and Cocoon Ajax libraries implemented in Cocoon servlet
don't load and I get an error in my error console:

"Erreur : Could not load 'cocoon.ajax.PartialLink'; last tried

I found the explanation but not the solution:

Chiba-web filter needs an xml or xhtml document to transform it into html
(this makes sense).
The problem is that, in order to perform Ajax processing, Cocoon needs to
serialize the document into html first, so it can load the jar files
containing Dojo and Cocoon.ajax libraries.

It's kind of tricky:
If I serialize my document into html, I get an error from Chiba-web filter
which needs xml or xhtml document to perform.

If I serialize my document into xml or xhtml, it's ok for Chiba-web filter,
but Cocoon cannot load the jar files for Ajax implementation (javascript)
and no ajax features are available.

Does anyone know what could be done to solve this problem?


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