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From Kai Mütz <>
Subject RE: Replacing FOP Jars
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2007 15:18:14 GMT <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I try to get FOP 0.9x working with Cocoon 2.1.9. Therefore i
> added a special FopSerializer class to my build path. That works.
> But when i put the 0.93 fop libs to the
> lib directory and replace the new fop.jar with the old one, i receive
> an initialization error: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
> org.apache.cocoon.faces.samples.components.taglib.AreaTag

I don't understand your replacements. You have to replace the old fop jar
with the new (0.9.3) fop jar and add the xmlgraphics-commons-*.jar. Then you
have to register the new special FopSerializer, which uses the new fop API,
in your sitemap (and deregister the old FOPSerializer from the fop block).

Furthermore it seems that the above exception has nothing to do with fop.
How do you invoke the serializer? Can you post the snippet from sitemap?

> for me
> it seams like an totally different thing. anyway, when i undo the last
> step (replacing the fop jars) i still have the error. so, i need to
> rebuild the whole cocoon project and then i works again, but i'm
> still at the
> beginning of my problem :-\
> maybe i should try to use the latest
> stable cocoon version. i use cocoon 2.1.9. do you have any suggestions
> for the build settings? which blocks should be excluded to avoid
> problems?

You should exclude all blocks first and include only those blocks you really
need. I don't know version 2.1.9 but I don't think that there are blocks,
which make problems per se.

I have fop 0.9.3 installed in cocoon 2.1.8 and it works fine.


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