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From Stephen Winnall <>
Subject [Slightly OT] Session problem with Apache-fronted Cocoon site
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2007 22:03:35 GMT
I have a multilingual website implemented with Cocoon 2.1.9 which  
runs on top of Tomcat 5.5. I use  
org.apache.cocoon.acting.LocaleAction to keep track of the current  
language and have set this up as follows:

     <map:action logger="sitemap.action.locale" name="locale"  
     	<default-locale language="en"/>

In other words, I store the current locale in the session.

This works fine when I call up the website directly from Tomcat (port  
8084 in my case). However, I want to use Apache HTTPD 2.0 as a  
reverse proxy. I have tried using mod_jk and mod_proxy (as per http://, but more than one session is  
being passed from HTTPD to Tomcat/Cocoon: when I change language,  
only the session in which I changed the language gets changed and the  
other remains as it was.

I realise this is slightly off-topic for this list, but I thought  
other Cocoon users might have experienced the same thing and be able  
to give me a hint as to how to force HTTPD and Tomcat to use just one  
session. I've spent all day googling, but all I find is stuff about  
load-balancing and sticky sessions when HTTPD is being used with  
multiple workers. I just have one worker.


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