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From "warrell harries" <>
Subject jTDS Sybase Result Set from Stored Procedure call
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2007 17:00:07 GMT

Has anyone had this problem (and found a solution)?

I'm using the trusty SQLTransformer on Cocoon 2.10 and jTDS 1.2.1 against
Sybase ASA 12.50

When invoking Sybase stored procedures I don't get the ResultSet back as I
would expect (I don't get them at all). There is a some discussion about
calling getMoreResults() but I don't want to modify the SQLTransformer
unless absolutely necessary. Executing ad-hoc SQL is fine and I haven't had
any trouble with invoking Oracle Stored procs that return ResultSets as
Output parameters.

Has anyone overcome this problem?

Any help very much appreciated,



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