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From Dev at weitling <>
Subject Re: How to set attribute on Action via binding?
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2007 13:36:29 GMT

>> I just want to set an attribute on an action widget via bean binding.
>> My attempts:
>> <fb:value id="myAction">
>>     <fb:set-attribute name="foo" value="bar"/>
>> </fb:value>
>> => path required, but value cannot be set on action widget
>> <fb:context path="myAction">
>>     <fb:set-attribute name="foo" value="bar"/>
>> </fb:context>
>> => results in an error, too.
> May I ask for a use case for such construct? I'm not sure what you
> want to achieve, really.

It's part of my CForms/SelectionList/Nested Repeater nightma^H^H^H
dreams ...
This action widget should be part of a nested repeater. When it is
executed it should result in updating several repeaters and changing a
selection list. My first implementation was retrieving the position of
the action in its repeater and therefore retrieve the appropriate value
in another for making changes in... I hav had the idea it could ease
things a little bit having the desired value stored along with the
Action widget.
I think when I've solved this personal puzzle I'm CForms master ;-)


P.S.: Thanks for your replies that came in the last minutes. I'd really
like to help with patches and documentation but it's still the
hen-egg-problem. To write the docs I should know what I'm talking about.
For being able to talk about I should have the docs. So it is left to me
to never miss a post in the Cocoon newsgroups. :-(

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