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From johnson <>
Subject a bug for forms-field-styling on ie(maybe)
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2007 06:25:42 GMT

I try to put the forms pagination sample to portal, when using filter,
If I enter the filter words then click apply, the form will be click
twice, then cause an error.

If I remove this code in forms-field-styling.xsl, it'll ok, but the
onchange will not work.

<xsl:if test="@listening = 'true' and not(fi:styling/@submit-on-change =
'false') and not(fi:styling/@onchange) and not(fi:styling/@list-type =
<!-- IE does not react to a click with an onchange, as firefox does, so
for radio and checkbox put an onclick handler instead -->
<xsl:when test="local-name() = 'booleanfield' or fi:styling/@list-type =
'radio' or fi:styling/@list-type = 'checkbox'">
<xsl:attribute name="onclick">forms_submitForm(this)</xsl:attribute>
<-- <xsl:otherwise>
<xsl:attribute name="onchange">forms_submitForm(this)</xsl:attribute>
</xsl:otherwise> -->remove this

additional info, this will work in firefox without remove this code.

Any idea?

Best Regards


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