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From Grzegorz Kossakowski <>
Subject Re: Lenya and Cocoon 2.2
Date Sun, 08 Jul 2007 10:15:51 GMT pisze:
> Lenya 1.4 is using Cocoon 2.1.x.  Lenya 1.4 is long overdue; let it be
> released with Cocoon 2.1.
> Working against development versions of dependencies is insane.  The
> Lenya project has had problems because the devs keep upgrading to the
> latest versions of dependencies.  We cannot know if something broke
> because of a commit to Lenya or an upgrade to a dependency.

I agree with you that depending on snapshots is usually really bad idea. In Cocoon we have
policy that released version cannot depend on 
unreleased artifacts, see:

> I push to choose a certain release of each dependency when a new
> version is started, then do not upgrade any dependencies unless a
> specific feature in a dependency is necessary for the project.  I have
> a branch that I paused last year; I will upgrade the dependencies to
> the latest gold versions when I return to the work (probably August or
> September) and then not change any until after a release.  That will
> likely include Cocoon 2.1.10.  Cocoon 2.2 is not even mentioned on the
> Cocoon home page.

It's wise to stick to Cocoon 2.1.x for a Lenya 1.4 because it's near a release date. Cocoon
2.2 brings a lot of new functionality but 
upgrading will demand some non-trivial adjustments so it makes sense to upgrade for next Lenya

When it comes to mentioning Cocoon 2.2 on Cocoon's home page you must know that refreshed
site is prepared that uses completely new design 
and publishing mechanisms. Thus old site is untended. Official Cocoon 2.2 release is almost
here: (Reinhard is little busy so we
may need to wait a few more days to have an 
official announce)

> Java 1.6 has several standard features that will make Cocoon much
> simpler (like the compiler API.) Cocoon releases twice each year.
> Does the Cocoon project upgrade the dependencies while developing a
> release?  Is Java 1.6 even being considered?  (I hope not because I
> need Cocoon to run with Java 1.4 for two projects.)

There was debate on development list about Cocoon's 2.2 compatibility with Java 1.4. Even
though, that many developers (including me) wanted 
to make Cocoon 2.2 compatible with Java 1.5+ we could not agree and as for now Cocoon 2.2
is supposed to work with Java 1.4.

Can you explain how you see Java's compiler API making Cocoon much simpler? It's not so obvious
for me.

Grzegorz Kossakowski

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