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From Kai Mütz <>
Subject RE: Binding Framework - Special characters
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2007 13:29:08 GMT <> wrote:
> Kai,
> I find it very unlikely that the binding would be causing this.
> More likely the roundtrip to the browser is mixing up the encodings.
> To prove my statement you could omit the form.showForm("..."); line
> from your script and check the debug output (my guess is that the
> characters will not have changed, so binding load&save do not tamper
> with encoding)

You are right. Omitting form.showForm("...") results in correct output.

> Alternatively you can also test the value of the title-widget on the
> form: 1/ after 'load' binding and before showform
> 2/ after showform and before 'save' binding
> (you can do that with something along the lines of:
> cocoon.log.debug("value in form after submit:"
>    + form.lookupWidget('/title).getValue())
> //warning: untested code above, you might need to check up the API for
> correct method-calls and arguments)
> My guess is that the error will be present in the form-widget after
> form-submit, proving that the evil is in the browser-roundtrip. (and
> showing that binding has nothing to do with it, and should not be seen
> as the location for fixing this)
> Now, assuming this is indeed caused in the browser roundtrip I advise
> you to check your cocoon-configuration (in web.xml) form-encoding
> should be set to utf-8 and your container-encoding to the one your
> servlet-container is using (most likely iso-8859-1, although some
> versions of jetty default to utf-8 IIRC)

You are right again. The form-encoding was set to iso-8859-1 as well as
container-encoding. Setting form-encoding to utf-8 solves the problem.

> regards,
> -marc=

Thanks a lot,


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