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From Daniel Brüßler <>
Subject How can I delete the cache in Cocoon 1.2.4?
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2007 15:01:06 GMT

I cannot find out how to do it. Please help me. Cocoon 1.2.4 is running.

There're many cached items what I want to delete, so that the current
versions of that files can be used.

Thanks for any help ;-)

kind regards
Daniel Brüßler


(class: org.apache.cocoon.components.language.markup.NamedLogicsheet)

and in an other place:


There's a binary-file /WEB-INF/ev_cache.ser with
"org.apache.cocoon.caching.impl.EventRegistryDataWrapper" as content

And here some lines of /WEB-INF/cocoon.xconf:
<transient-store logger="">
     <parameter name="maxobjects" value="100"/>

<store logger="">
     <parameter name="maxobjects" value="100"/>

<persistent-store logger="">
    <parameter name="use-cache-directory" value="true"/>
    <parameter name="order" value="2701"/>

<store-janitor logger="">
     <!-- How much free memory shall be available in the jvm -->
     <parameter value="10000000" name="freememory"/>
     <!-- Indicates the limit of the jvm memory consumption. The default max
          heapsize for Sun's JVM is (almost) 64Mb -->
     <parameter name="heapsize" value="66600000"/>
     <!-- How often shall the cleanup thread check memory -->
     <parameter name="cleanupthreadinterval" value="10"/>
     <!-- Experimental adaptive algorithm for cleanup interval
     <parameter name="adaptivethreadinterval" value="true"/>
     <!-- Indicates the thread priority of the cleanup thread -->
     <parameter name="threadpriority" value="5"/>
     <!-- How much percent of the elements of each registered Store
          shall be removed when low on memory. Default 10% -->
     <parameter name="percent_to_free" value="10"/>
     <!-- Invoke the garbage collector when low memory is reached -->
     <parameter name="invokegc" value="false"/>

<i18n-bundles logger="core.i18n-bundles">

<component class="org.apache.cocoon.caching.impl.EventAwareCacheImpl"
<component role=""
class="" logger=""/>


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