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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Styling an fd:multivaluefield item?
Date Sat, 09 Jun 2007 09:52:26 GMT
On 08.06.2007 10:17, Derek Hohls wrote:

> PS : re the database call issue " you usually  keep all possible 
> values in one table and the n:m association between 
> objects and these values in another one."
> This is true; but a RIGHT JOIN (or LEFT JOIN) will return possible 
> AND linked values in a single SQL statement.

The retrieval of possible and actual values are two different issues and 
should be separated as it is done in Cocoon. The possible values are 
part of the form model (and so fd:item) while the actual values are part 
of the data model (and so they become a form instance).

Even retrieving them in one statement is not a good idea. It's not 
replaceable with an O/R mapper since you don't place the possible values 
in the domain object. What about creating a new instance of such an 
object. How to retrieve the possible values if there are no actual 
values in the database? And imagine a repeater. Do you want to retrieve 
the possible values for each entry in the repeater?


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