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From Carsten Ziegeler <>
Subject Re: re-design of sitemaps
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2007 06:22:06 GMT
Stephen Winnall wrote:
> On 6 Jun 2007, at 18:49, Geert Josten wrote:
>>>>> 3) definition of a sitemap schema
>>> rvlet-service framework?
>> Have you tried validating your own sitemaps to this XSD yet? It contains
>> constructs that allow entry of unknown elements..
> I tried a couple of sitemaps before I posted the original comment. One 
> of them was based on the sitemap delivered with Cocoon 2.1.9. Both threw 
> up errors (mainly unknown attributes).
> I am aware that schemas can be written using the <any> element for 
> undefined or unknown content, but that seems a bit of a cop-out to me. I 
> don't know what the official adjective is for the class of XML documents 
> for which a complete and correct XML schema can be written: let's use 
> "x-able" as a place-holder. To the best of my knowledge, the Cocoon 
> sitemap is not x-able, and I think that inhibits the development of 
> useful tools for making Cocoon easier to use. (Perhaps the SunBow or 
> Lepido people could comment on that?)
The current schema is a first version which has been tested against all 
sitemaps of Cocoon 2.2.
And they validate against it :) But of course this doesn't guarantee 
that it's perfect.

Now, a schema can only validate the structure (more or less at least), 
so it can't detect any logical errors one might have in the sitemap like
a missing generator or something like that.

Custom tags are actually only allowed for component configuration. We 
could also ignore all elements in other namespaces that might occur 
throughout the sitemap, but I'm not sure if this is a good idea. I would 
like to have the schema as strict as possible.

If you have a sitemap which does not validate against the schema, it 
would be great if you could file a bug, so we can enhance the schema.

One could think of additional validation tools on top of the schema 
which try to analyze the logic of the sitemap.


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