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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon Productivity
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2007 09:30:16 GMT
I agree that the "tutorial" is more a barebones walkthrough of some
features - but it serves  its purpose for that.
I also think that the approach you outline needs to be taken in
distinct steps:
1. Install and configure Cocoon (might differ by environment or OS)
2. Server-specific steps
3. Eclipse integration (or alternatives)
4. Working with Maven
5. Case study for some type of website (arguably anything you pick
will be limited from any one person's perspective)
6. Extra options (plug-ins?? related technologies)
This is because in a team environment, not everyone does everything and

handling these things in steps allows for "separation of concerns".
So we arrive back at the usual question of "so this is a nice idea, but
will actually do it??"
PS I think its a little unfair to Jetty to imply its not production
capable - see: 

>>> Reinhard Haller <> 2007/06/01
10:09:27 AM >>>

Reinhard Poetz schrieb:
> I have been working on 
> I hope 
> that it helps.
said first I have no knowlwedge of maven or cocoon2.2.

Your tutorials for me are typical examples of the problems regarding
the           current cocoon documentation.

It's very valuable if you already know why and how to do what you want.
It helps for nothing if you are a real beginner.

Compare this to tutorials for Netbeans, Eclipse or the JBoss IDE.
Instead of showing what you do and possibly why you do it, you choose a
set of very simple unrelated topics to achieve a very short and pregnant
documentation for people which already know what they do.

Simply put the screenshots of your Eclipse in the documentation, this
explains much more than your text. 
Document your example (your first Cocoon application ...) from the very
beginning, i.e. installation and setup within eclipse (from svn/from
distribution) including the setup for the application server if needed.

Choose a real production application server instead of the bundled
Jetty. Explain if it works with Plugins (WTP/JBoss IDE) and how.

Providing the community with a non trivial tutorial that covers a
website with structured templates for content, navigation and metadata,
combined with a real world error handling would help to get new users an
impression of the developement cycle and the structure of a cocoon
application. If you also explain how to manage the different versions
(cocoon, the cocoon application i.e. sitemap, the website templates and
the web content) in one or more svn repositories then we have a sound
base to start with and additional documentation can refer to this

With a screenshot based documentation everyone is able to see if there
is a difference between the tutorial and his own computer and check out
why there is a difference (other versions etc.).


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