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From "Leonid Geller" <>
Subject RE: hostname lookup
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2007 03:57:35 GMT
IP->hostname is called reverse DNS lookup. 
The slowdown consistently occurs when the client's hostname does not have an "A" DNS record;
having a "PTR" but no "A" record slows things down even further.
Now, rather than worry about why some clients are set up this way, I want to make sure the
application does not care nor try to resolve the IP back into a host. Something in Cocoon
does that today, either an InetAddress object or Request.getRemoteHost type call.
A similar issue was captured a while ago here:
But in our case, the servlet container (resin) does not make these requests in a separate
test web app. Only cocoon does.

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	From: Joerg Heinicke [] 
	Sent: Mon 6/4/2007 11:28 PM 
	Subject: Re: hostname lookup

	On 05.06.2007 02:41, Leonid Geller wrote:
	> hostname of the http requestor/client. we have the lookup disabled in
	> apache (2.2.4), so requests handled by the web server or our j2ee
	> container/default web app do not experience this problem. we can tell
	> that because 1) they result in access log entries that have client
	> ip, not hostname, and 2) they are very fast :)
	> a request to a cocoon web app results in the client's hostname logged
	> in access log, and if the client is behind a proxy/firewall that
	> prevents IP->host resolution, this results in a 15-20 sec response
	> delay. subsequent requests from the same client return
	> instantaneously, as the dns entry is now cached.
	I've never heard of such a "feature" and I'm not aware of a IP->host
	resolution, only the other way around. Do you have a stacktrace when it
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