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From Tobia <>
Subject Re: flows vs flowscripts
Date Tue, 26 Jun 2007 09:41:30 GMT
Al Brown wrote:
> How is map:flow related to map:call?

<map:flow> defines what javascript files to load in the sitemap.
Those files define functions that can be called from pipelines with
<map:call function="">

> How is continuation related to sessions?

In classical web programming, you store the state of the computation in
session variables.  When a subsequent request comes along, the
server-side code is run from the start, but it can choose how to proceed
based on the values of those variables.

In continuation-based web programming you don't need session variables
(although you can use them if you want.)  When a subsequent request
comes along, the server-side code simply restarts from where it was
suspended (when it called sendPageAndWait) and it finds all its local
variables; if the code was in a loop, it will still be there, and so on.
So you can write ifs and loops that span multiple pages.

The pipeline component that invokes a continuation, that will restart
the script from where it was suspended, is <map:call continuation="">


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