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From Vaduvoiu Tiberiu <>
Subject test parameter existance in jxtempate/dasl
Date Mon, 25 Jun 2007 08:39:05 GMT
Hi, I am having a small problem displaing a search result on my page. my match in sitemap is
like this:

         <map:match pattern="*/documents/*">
        <map:generate src="dasl-documents.xml" type="newjx">
          <map:parameter name="repository" value="{global:repositoryRoot}{global:{1}Path}"/>
    <map:parameter name="press" value="{2}"/>
    <map:parameter name="source" value="{request-param:source}"/>

and in my dasl in the <d:where>/<d:and> I have:

   <jx:if test="${cocoon.parameters.source!=''}">

half works..meaning if my url is like I get all the xml files
that have the h:presscategory equal to sports...but if my url is like then
I get nothing. When in fact I should get all the results.
So I'm thinking that somehow, the test is not right. By comparing if the parameter is different
than '' (is not a double quote, there are two simple ' quotes), it probably thinks the parameters
already exists. I;ve also tried using if test="${cocoon.parameters.source}" but doesn't work.anybody
can tell me where am I going wrong? 10x

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