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From "Christian Schlichtherle" <>
Subject Resolved: Stackoverflow when using regexp matcher (Cocoon 2.1.10)
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2007 15:49:52 GMT

> unfortunately both stacktraces don't help to track down the 
> error. The first one is without any Cocoon part. The second 
> one can only happen if a RequestWrapper wraps a 
> RequestWrapper wraps a ... and never an actual Request 
> object. Posting more complete stacktraces might help - though 
> they can get veeeeery long with StackOverflowErrors.

thanks for the attention. Indeed I did not want to provide the full

Anyway, I resolved it. It appears I have to "root" my regular expression. So
the following works:

<!-- match "foo/list" or "foo/list.xml" or "foo/list.html" or ... -->
<map:match type="regexp" pattern="^foo/(.+)(\..+)?">
  <!-- ... -->

The key point is the caret ('^') at the start. Otherwise, "foo" is matched
just anywhere in the request URI. Within my matcher, I then prefixed the URI
with another string. However, now the regexp matched again, which caused an
endless recursion.

Kind regards,

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