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Subject Re: Re: Process incomplete pipeline with redirect-to
Date Mon, 14 May 2007 06:45:54 GMT
To clarify: It seems we can't do a client-side/"global" redirect without 
getting an
"Attempted to process incomplete pipeline"/"Response already submitted" 
because pipeline processing continues after the redirect occured. 

We generally have the following pipeline setup:

=> Pipeline-entry (root sitemap )
      map:match *.cont -> map:generate contcall-{1}

   => Pipeline-entry (subsitemap)
         map:match contcall-* -> map:call continuation="{1}"

        => Flow Code (sendPageAndWait ...)
           => JX-Generate
           => Serialize xml ...
    => Pipeline-return

   map:transform ...
   map:serialize html ...

=> Pipeline-return

The use-case we try to achieve: Conditional CLIENT-SIDE/global redirect 
depending on status in Flow.

We tried the following:
- Obvious: Redirect in Flowcode: cocoon.redirectTo ( uri, global=true) => 
Exception "Attempted to process incomplete pipeline"
- cocon.sendPage to a matcher which does a map:redirect (i.e. instead of 
JX-Generate above)  =>  Exception "Attempted to process incomplete 
- Doing redirect "manually" by Setting HTTP status and Location header 
directly (in sitemap or flow) => Does not work, headers set from 
subsitemap are thrown away/overwritten
- Setting a request-attribute in flow code and deciding in root-sitemap 
wether to serialize or to redirect via map:select => Does not work 
map:select gets evaluated on pipeline creation, i.e. too early
- same as last one with custom Redirect-Action which redirect depending on 
request-attribute => Does not work: action also gets executed too early on 
pipeline creation

It almost seems you cannot achieve a "late" conditional redirect  in 
Cocoon, only when the condition is 
known at the beginning of pipeline processing, which is just too early for 
most use-cases ...

Any hints would  be greatly appreciated, 

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