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From "bart remmerie" <>
Subject Re: Hide/show columns in an ajaxified table cform
Date Tue, 29 May 2007 12:05:11 GMT
Hi Florian

Maybe the following can help:

What I've tried before is to set the state of a widget to invisble
and trigger an update on the repeater from flow. (something like the snippet
using an action button that triggers the flow-code

In a repeater, I would place an action-button or a widget with an event
listener (checkbox ?)
that triggers the code, but you might have to iterate over all repeater-rows
to set the state per row for the widget


I would be happy to find out how you manage to solve your problem


2007/5/18, Dev at weitling <>:
> Hi,
> I want to hide or show columns in a table on an action. I've implemented
> this in a fd:on-action/fd:javascript event listener setting the
> appropriate states (invisible/active) on the column cells. This approach
> lacks a bit of beauty (mainly in rendering) so here my questions:
> - Any idea to get it working via the html colgroup elements and css?
> - Can I initiate the redisplay by re-rendering the template?
> - How can I call a row- or repeater-action programmatically (there seem
> to be differences between just removing/adding a row via flowscript and
> action)
> - In the last question I want on removing/adding a row on repeater A do
> the same on repeaters B and C
> Thank your for any ideas,
> Florian
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Bart Remmerie

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