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From Baptiste Placé <>
Subject Re: Cocoon / Hibernate revisited
Date Thu, 31 May 2007 14:06:51 GMT

url-patterns of servlet mapping are indeed very constraining. No real 
wildcard neither regexp.
Changing the url to add one '/' had some side effects which are quite 
annoying (problem with continuation url and resources finding).
Right now I'm trying to make an EmptyFilter for css, js etc... But it's 
not working well.

Anyone has an idea for an elegant solution ?


Johannes Textor a écrit :
> Hi Baptiste,
> how is your "filter-mapping" defined in web.xml ? This looks like you 
> map the filter to all URLs, including images, css, 
> non-database-dependent HTML and so on ... you should map the filter 
> only to those URLs which actually use the hibernate session.
> This is a little difficult, though, as web.xml url-patterns are not 
> very powerful. "See SRV.11.2 Specification of Mappings" from the 
> servlet spec., V 2.3, for more info, if this turns out to be the problem.
> Regards,
> Johannes

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