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From Baptiste Placé <>
Subject Re: Cocoon Productivity
Date Tue, 29 May 2007 12:39:17 GMT
Hello everyone,

Very interesting topic, would have answered earlier if I was not on 
holidays (NYC is great BTW ;) )

As a very new cocoon user (less than 3 months) and an early junior 
programmer (ending my final study year in august), I think my opinion 
has it's place here.
Being a fresh programmer reduce a lot the "already has another way of 
thinking" factor and migration issue.

I agree on the lack of documentation on several points :

First of all, information is scattered a bit. You got to know some 
google practices to find all you need.
I used cocoon main site, daisy, wiki, Anyware 2003 formation, several 
introductions to cocoon, cocoon GT pdf and mailing list. And co-worker 
Knowing google's filetype: or site: parameters was really handy as I 
found very decent docs on cocoon. And deprecated ones too ;)
Asking for up-to-date docs on 2.1 is obviously silly with the upcoming 
2.2 release, but it would have been great to have GT pdf linked or 

About overview of cocoon, I may be writing nonsense as MVC is one 
implementation of more generic OOP patterns (SOC...), but it was quite 
hard for me to clearly see the MVC/PAC-like architecture of 
sitemap-FS-java. The overview page talks about XSPs and the FS part 
deals a lot with continuations, hiding the advantages of having FS as 
control layer. Showing the new user known patterns helps him to 
understand faster.
So the first page of the documentation should always be updated and 
attractive to the new user (linear reading of the docs...).

The documentation is quite big, but not enough IMHO for such a huge 
framework. What I miss the most is some trivial examples on details, I 
have to guess or dig in the docs/samples to find the answers. 
Ultimately, this leads to questions on the mailing list already 
documented  (although this creates more answers on google later :) )

Quite messy mail, as was and still is my way of learning Cocoon.

- Baptiste

PS : I'd like to know if something like Raccoon is still worked on !
( and if you wonder what 
it is)

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