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From Reinhard Poetz <>
Subject Re: Custom Cocoon 2.2 projects: Alternatives to Maven 2
Date Thu, 24 May 2007 15:35:13 GMT
Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
> If someone can document the steps (which we should do anyway) I can try 
> and come up with the ant script.

I've started with a prototyp of a non-Maven Cocoon 2.2 archetype. You can 
download it from

It contains a build.xml that has two targets:

  - webapp
    Build a web application
  - run
    Starts the webapp using Jetty

Some words to the directory structure:

  |  +-webapp         The Cocoon web application
  |  +-block1         A Cocoon demo block
  +-lib               All required libraries and Cocoon blocks
  +-jetty             Minimum files to run a Jetty 6.1.3 instance
  +-build.xml         The Ant build script

The Ant build is only a starting point but it shows how things are supposed to 
work together. It works well for me but it misses two important things in order 
to be useful for others:

1) make it simple to add just another _own_ block
    (adding a third-party block only means copying the libs into ./lib)

2) create a properties file that configures all servlet services to use the
    src/block1/src/main/resources/COB-INF files as block contexts

    Having this feature allows working on the sources with support for
    hot reload.

I think the build script shouldn't do much more because if people prefer to use 
Ant, they have their own way of building/deploying their Java applications 
anyway. Using this build script as template for that purpose, should give them a 
enough ideas to integrate it into their own build and deployment architectures.

WDYT? Feedback, not only from Carsten, is much appreciated!

Reinhard Pötz           Independent Consultant, Trainer & (IT)-Coach 

{Software Engineering, Open Source, Web Applications, Apache Cocoon}


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