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From Dev at weitling <>
Subject Re: Binding "on-insert-row" is ignored
Date Sat, 12 May 2007 16:48:59 GMT
Hi Jason,

> Just to clarify, you're expecting your fb:on-insert-row to be executed
> immediately after you press the Add Row button on your form?  If so,
> then I think there's a misunderstanding; the binding only executes at
> the time of  At that point if there are more rows in the
> repeater than items in the bean, then the fb:on-insert-row binding
> will be executed to add enough items to the bean to hold the
> repeater's values.

Hm, ok, then there are many more questions:
When the binding should only be active on load() and save() wh gets hold
of the empty dummy rows create during my dozens of add-row-hits? How
could this make sense?
So if I press three times "add row" I get three empty rows I may fill
with text. And when I hit "save" then on then my binding
creates three TestField objects?
Where do you know it behaves this way? I didn't find any hint in the
docs. More of the way I understood it.

How could I make it behave as I want it to? I want to call a method on
my container object which creates a new row (and rows in nested
repeaters as this is my advanced problem) and redisplays the form.

Questions, questions, questions ...


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