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From HGENTO <>
Subject command line application - need help
Date Tue, 08 May 2007 08:02:57 GMT

this is my first question to this newgroup and I really hoe that 
somebody can help me out or give me guidance. I'm running cocoon 2.1.10 
on linux for a while and it works great, I also implemented the saxon8 
parser as pointed out at the cocoon wiki page. Now I'm struggling with 
an problem, as I try to implement a java application. This Java 
application is a transformer for special xml files. This transformer is 
a open source transformer and it works in a way of command line like 
saxon for example: transformer.bat -i:input.xml -o:output.html 
This command line works fine for me but now I try to implement this into 
the cocoon as I would like to start the transformation from a 
sitemap.xmap. I tried different way but I'm lost. So there are two 

1. is it possible to start a command line application within a running 
cocoon and the command line tools could use special classpaths?

2. what would be the best way to implement this application, with 
map:act and action ?

I would really appreciate if somebody could give me a little help. I 
could also give the sourceforge page for this opensource transformer.


So to give extra information, the transformer.bat script under windows 
like like that:
rem build classpath

rem build param list
if %0test==test goto done
goto next

echo params: %PARAMS%

rem run processor
java -Xmx512m -cp %CLASSPATH% some.class.xml.Transform %PARAMS%

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