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From Andreas Kuehne <>
Subject Re: Applet in portal coplet
Date Wed, 30 May 2007 08:33:40 GMT
Hi Bary,

I would guess once you're with the coplet you use a different path than called directly. Are
there any strange accesses reported within the log file ?

Anyway, try to use a path wildcard matcher for the jar like this :

    <map:match pattern="**/*.jar">
      <map:read src="lib/{2}.jar" mime-type="application/java-archive"/>

Good luck


----- Original Message ----
From: bary <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2007 8:02:12 PM
Subject: Applet in portal coplet


I am trying to run an applet in cocoon under portal. I have included it in
the html page this way:

<objectX classid="java:test.SampleApplet.class" archive="sampleapplet.jar"
width="800" height="600" codetype="application/java">

I have tried also:


(The X is written behind tag object and applet to don't be interpreted here
in the forum's site)

The applet source code is included in the sampleapplet.jar file (the
SampleApplet class is located in the "test" package). The sitemap contains

    <map:match pattern="AppletPage.html">
      <map:generate src="AppletPage.html" type="html"/>
      <map:serialize type="html"/>

    <map:match pattern="**.class">
      <map:read src="lib/{1}.jar" mime-type="application/java-archive"/>
    <map:match pattern="**.jar">
      <map:read src="lib/{1}.jar" mime-type="application/java-archive"/>

The sampleapplet.jar is located in the lib subdirectory of the directory
containing the sitemap. If I go to the URL of the html page directly -
http://localhost:8080/cocoon/..../AppletPage.html (not through the portal)
everything is ok and the applet runs. The html page is included in the
portal’s coplet. If I get to the page through it, it doesn’t work. If I
delete the applet from the page, the page is displayed right. Has anyone
already used applets in portal's coplets and have an idea what I am doing
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