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From "Aseem Monga" <>
Subject RE: Batch processing of XML documents
Date Tue, 29 May 2007 08:29:04 GMT
Derek, Thanks for your prompt reply.


Let me try and explain what we want to do.


We need to develop a generic pluggable components based framework, in which
different XML processors can be arranged in a pluggable and configurable
manner, generating intermediate XML or XMLs, for specific sections of a web
page like one each for Figures, Tables, Abstract, Full Text, Book TOCs etc.
Then XSL can be applied to create html pages creating an aggregated view.


A java/jaxp based framework can do for this, but we came across cocoon
because of pipeline framework and It is mentioned in Cocoon documentation
that apart from dynamic page generation, cocoon can be used for generating
the static pages offline using the command line interface. 


These are some of the reasons that we looked at cocoon. Please suggest
cocoon's viability in this scenario!!






From: Derek Hohls [] 
Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2007 12:00 PM
Subject: Re: Batch processing of XML documents




If all you need to do is process a bunch of XML files to create HTML,

then a simple scripting approach, possibly mixed with XSLT, would

do the job.  Cocoon is primarily used for dynamic generation of 


>>> "Aseem Monga" <> 2007/05/29 07:24:55 AM >>>


Hi, I am a novice in cocoon. We have to develop an offline batch process for
generating html pages statically, For this we are evaluating if we can use


Question 1: Should we wait for cocoon 2.2, which the list says is coming
soon. When exactly is it expected?


The data is in XML format in a client proprietary DTD. We would need to
process a group of XMLs. From what I know is that only a single document is
processed in pipelines.


Question2: How can a pipeline be executed in a loop for source XML documents
in a folder, so all the input XMLs can be processed in the pipeline defined,
one after another.


Thanks in advance.


Aseem Monga

Senior Software Engineer,

HCL Technologies Ltd,

STP-II, Infocity, Sec-34,

Gurgaon, HR. India

Mail:  <>



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