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From "Johannes Textor" <>
Subject Re: CForms/Flowscript and Hibernate long sessions
Date Wed, 16 May 2007 09:14:49 GMT
Hi Baptiste,

>> Being a newbie, I struggled quite a time on the model and finally used 
Generic DAO like described here :
For sure having the FlowScript to open Hibernate Sessions is messy in 
the MVC pattern, in your implementation are you using some 
HibernateUtil-like class ?

Something like that. My DAOs inherit from a common superclass which has a method "assertSession()"
which opens a session and stores it in the HTTPRequest, if it is not already there. Then by
calling a method getSssion(), you retrieve the Hibernate session from the current HTTPRequest.
Sessions are closed as usual by a Servlet Filter.

>> I don't know your DAO implementation, but is having every DAO wrapping 
the calls to Hibernate (i.e. Session handling) some sort of violation of 
Inversion of Control pattern ?
- Not very sure that this question is justified !

You are right. Most people these days use DAO along with IOC, but I think this is not automatically
necessary. If I get it right, IOC has the purpose of being able to substitute Hibernate with
another data access method. But, Hibernate itself already provides the ability to switch across
*databases*, thus leaving you only with the assumption that your data is stored in a database,
and not, e.g., accessed via a web service. Most projects I worked on are tied to databases
anyway (even switching from MySQL to something else is mostly highly unlikely), so I preferred
to keep things simple and hardwired my DAOs to Hibernate. You might argue if this is a beautiful
architecture, but then there are many people out there who hardwire their DAOs even to JDBC.

Since you seem to be using DAO/IOC: how do you implement the IOC part? are you using Spring,
Avalon, or some similar framework ? 


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