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From Tobia <>
Subject Re: Process incomplete pipeline with redirect-to
Date Tue, 15 May 2007 10:34:23 GMT
Andreas Riegler wrote:
> It seems we can't do a client-side/"global" redirect without getting
> an "Attempted to process incomplete pipeline"/"Response already
> submitted" exception, because pipeline processing continues after the
> redirect occured.

I'm experiencing a similar problem.

I have the following setup:
- a generator and a series of transformers compose the page, which may
  contain one or more flowscript calls, only known at runtime (I know,
  it should be the other way round... but I can't change it right now)
- in order to do that, the transformers write one or more CInclude tags
  with internal cocoon: URIs
- the next step is a CInclude transformer
- the sub-pipelines called from the cocoon: URIs call to flowscript.

Sometimes I need to issue a global, client-side redirect from those

cocoon.redirectTo(URL,true) works (the browser is correctly redirected)
but an "Attempted to process incomplete pipeline" error is logged.

If I try to do something else after the redirectTo, such as a sendPage,
the redirect still works but I get "Pipeline has already been processed
for this request"

I tried to pass the information (about the need to do a redirect) up to
the main pipeline, using a request attribute, but I couldn't get it to

I'm using Cocoon 2.1.10


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