Ok I found the problem.  I am using the Sysdeo Tomcat plugin in Eclipse.  It indicates that the rt.jar from the JRE must be on the classpath, but apparently when I take it off, everything works fine.  Thanks for the reply.

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On 02.04.2007 20:42, Julian wrote:

> I have been running Cocoon 2.1.2 just fine until a few days ago when
> I switched to Java 6 on Vista Business. I kept getting errors that appear
> to be related to caching. I then tried to update to Cocoon 2.1.10, but
> the same error is thrown. Anyone have any idea why the following error
> is thrown?

Hi Julian,

it's hard to guess what the actual error is. From what I understand it's
completely unrelated to Cocoon, you should be able to reproduce the
problem on the command line. When loading o.a.c.util.IOUtils it just
tries to call the static method getInstance() on the class

static final Collator englishCollator =

It gets to the Sun internal class sun.text.normalizer.NormalizerImpl and
fails while loading it (<clinit> is only the static part, even before a
constructor). I guess there is no source code available for the Sun
class, so you can't see what it is trying to do. This error might either
be a bug in Java 6 or something specific for your environment - but as I
said it should not be related to Cocoon.


> 2007-04-02 14:25:31,283 [main] ERROR org.apache.catalina.core.ContainerBase.[Catalina].[localhost].[/standard].loadOnStartup at line 3958 - Servlet /standard threw load() exception
> java.lang.RuntimeException: could not locate data
>     at sun.text.normalizer.NormalizerImpl.<clinit>(NormalizerImpl.java:44)
>     at java.text.RBTableBuilder.build(RBTableBuilder.java:89)
>     at java.text.RBCollationTables.<init>(RBCollationTables.java:65)
>     at java.text.RuleBasedCollator.<init>(RuleBasedCollator.java:276)
>     at java.text.Collator.getInstance(Collator.java:251)
>     at org.apache.cocoon.util.IOUtils.<clinit>(IOUtils.java:173)
>     at org.apache.cocoon.servlet.CocoonServlet.init(CocoonServlet.java:445)

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