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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Some quick questions about FOP 0.93, Saxon, and MS SQL Server integration with cocoon 2.1.10 on Windows XP environment
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2007 06:32:19 GMT
On 25.04.2007 04:39, Joseph White wrote:
> Here are my questions:
>   - [fop] How do I replace the fop 0.20 integrationwiht fop
> 0.03integration in cocoon
>   2.1.10?
>   - [MS SQL Server] Is it sufficient to include the appropriate Class 4
>   jdbc driver (of my choice) for MS SQL Server in the area where the oracle
>   and odbc classes are listed?
>   - [Saxon] how do I replace the xalan integration wiht Saxon 8.9.03?
> I apologize if I have missed the documentation on this -- I have searched
> for discussion groups, books etc.

1. There is a fop-ng block on the trunk. It *might* be as simple as 
copying it into your code base.

2. Think so. Just try it.

3. If you have a look into your cocoon.xconf (and it is only a modified 
version of the original one coming with Cocoon) you will find a section 
about Saxon [1, starting at line 365]. You can setup multiple XSLT 
processors in parallel as it is done by default with Xalan and XSLTC. 
Also have a look into the standard default sitemap how to setup that [2, 
starting at line 85].



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