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From Jean-Christophe Kermagoret <>
Subject Automatic Generation of Cocoon Application from UML
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2007 04:49:08 GMT

                         Open Source ERP
                        cocoon portal based

                           April 12th, 2007


We are developing an Open Source ERP, cocoon based, full web, according 
the MDSD (Model Driven Software Development) paradigm, derived from MDA 
(Model Driven Architecture). This web application is based on Cocoon 2.2 
and uses intensively :
* Xslt transformer
* Portal block
* CForms block
* Flowscript

We integrate external Open Source projects :
* dojo and mootools for ajax
* iReports, for reporting
* SpagoBI, for business intelligence
* Talend, for ETL (and provide easy import/export features)

All the Portal and CForms files are generated automatically from UML 
models through MDSD.

Model Driven Software Development merely means we use UML models (to
design portal layout - tabs, subtabs and portlets - and to design data
structure) to generate automatically the code necessary for the
application, which means in a Cocoon world :
* Portal configuration files (layout for each role, coplet instance data
* Cforms configuration files (repository, metabind, templates - based on
data model at a first time)
* Data-tamer configuration files (views definition)
* I18N files

For the moment, we use ArgoUML (or ArgoEclipse plugin) to write UML
models. We are currently working on a TopCASED approach to define DSL
(Domain Specific Language) with associated specialized graphical editor.

Data storage is done for the moment on eXist, the main open source xml
database. We are currently working on a mapping Object/Relational
driver, based on Hibernate.

Business rules can be written as usual in flowscript, or better but not
mandatory, in java. We are currently working on generating flowscript
and java interfaces from class diagrams, giving the opportunity to write
code in the model.

Each generated file may be customized to exactly suit your needs. E-CRUD
pattern is supported, meaning widgets are dynamically populated, making
them data-aware automatically at run time with no need to code any
database interaction.

 From a functional point of view, the following modules are available :
* ECMS / CMS (with static generation)
* Groupware / Project Management
* Sales / CRM
* Financial / Accounting (Alpha), Financial / Budget (Planning),
Financial / Costs (Planning)
* HCM / Time (Alpha), HCM / Payroll (Alpha)
* Production / Stock (Planning)

Our goal is to develop an Open Source ERP, but the technology can be
used to develop any application portal. We set up a forge
( to host all the developments based on
OpenBlueLab technology (even if not in ERP domain), and provide the 
tools you may need : feel free to use it and don't hesitate to ask new 
category's creation in the trove map (much ERP oriented for the moment :-).

To conclude, license is GPL but could evolve (to ASL) in the future to
be more compliant with Cocoon.



Jean-Christophe Kermagoret

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